Matthijs Otterloo – Owner – Exposing Netherlands Scammer, Conman and Fraud

After reading a lot of different articles about Matthijs Otterloo, he really caught my interest. Such a smart and young boy, with a very bright future. However, after investigating him for nearly two months, he doesn’t seem all that innocent to me anymore. In fact, I think everyone should know a little more about this person, to not get scammed by anything he is involved in, to further enrichen him.

According to his Wikipedia (nice job on creating this scammer a Wikipedia page so he can get verified on social media), Matthijs is a Dutch entrepreneur, that co-created Cycleswap app, which was sold for an undisclosed amount. He has done freelance work in the past, but recently for the past 12 months, his wealth and quality of life has been booming! That Cycleswap paycheck must have been cashed in. Or has it? Cycleswap didn’t make Matthijs nearly enough for one First Class flight ticket, let alone 4-5 of them just in the last 12 months alone. So we have to dig deeper into this person to understand what is going on.

Part 1: Linking Matthijs Otterloo to his aliases (platflyer / matthijs581)

So throughout the years as a kid browsing the internet, Matthijs has had quite a few different aliases, the most two common being platflyer and matthijs581. These two will be very helpful for us to connect him for everything he has been accused of earlier by others, but with no proof, hence the allegations just being ignored by the public. You can view the revision history of his Wiki, which he is trying to maintain and keep clean despite all the allegations against him. Have a look, it’s great:

I will explain detailed how I was able to find his aliases without making it very complicated. So I read about him on (link here), where he claims that he gains 30% of the entire revenue of the website After a little more digging, I found out that the company behind (Media State B.V.) is completely owned by Matthijs (you can find this yourself by searching the national Dutch company register). So not only does he lie already in the first sentence in this article, but something seems very shady about this website. After researching a bit, I found out that Instagram despises companies like these, and have actually banned multiple people that have been found to use services like these to boost your account. Just recently, four China-based companies were sued by Facebook for exercising the same methods of gaining likes and followers as Otterloo uses. Just a quick glance at the comment section of his Instagram shows how bad this service actually is.

Alright, so we’ve established the connection between Otterloo and At this point, I just wanted to Google Skweezer to find out what it is, or rather, what it used to be. Skweezer according to Wikipedia is a discontinued mobile browser. Otterloo purchased their expired domain at an auction when it was released to the public as a selloff of the companies assets.

On the 5th August 2018, a few months after was purchased by Otterloo (it was bought somewhere in April 2018 according to, the Wikipedia page for was edited to include a link to the newly started “Instagram growth hacking” service. You can view the revision of the article here. Who was it edited by you ask? It was done by this user (User:Platflyer on Wikipedia). Adding screenshot in case he decides to remove his Wikipedia page:

Now we know someone with the name platflyer really wants to edit the Skweezer page to include mentions of some newly started website. Why would he want to do that? Maybe because he owns 100% of it? Anyways, digging a little deeper into the information we have about this alias, we find a whole lot of interesting things. And I mean A LOT. So one of the first things that come up under this username is his MPGH (multi player game hacking forum) account that can be seen here:

Luckily for us, he is banned for scamming another user not too long ago (January 2018), so he can not log in and edit his posts or remove them, because he has no access. You can see on his profile page he last visited MPGH yesterday, most likely to delete his posts, because I DM’d him on Instagram about a few inquiries I had because I am writing this article about him. He was very eager and instantly logged onto his different accounts to remove most of the traces of things he’s been involved with, but these posts will stick.

Little funny fact, in the scam report thread about him, you can see the Skype username/name, which is his real name (edit: and his real birthday, just a five years tacked on). Lesson here is: if you’re going to engage in illegal activities, at least don’t use your real name. Here is a link to the scam report

The screenshot from the thread linking the Skype username to the platflyer username.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough evidence linking Matthijs to platflyer here is another piece I like a lot, his username change request thread:

According to a moderator there, posting right below his request, his previous username was… wait for it… matthijs581. I think we can safely stop there. We now know platflyer is Dutch, real name Matthijs, has some sort of incentive to edit the Skweezer Wikipedia page. I think it’s safe to say we have the right guy here.

Just to make it extremely clear it is him, take a look at this Fiverr profile:

That’s a picture of Matthijs, under that username, that is linked many times to platflyer. Okay, I’m done here I promise! Just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page before moving on, jeez. Take it easy.

Part 2: Refund Theft

So far we’ve only talked about Matthijs, who he is, and his aliases (with evidence of them being him, with pictures). If we take a look over the last posts platflyer made on MPGH, we can see him vouching for a lot of different sellers in their marketplace. But what products/services did he buy that he is so happy over?

Well, let’s analyze this for a bit. For the inexperienced, this looks like a ton of Greek. But for someone that has been on the Internet for a while, “a refund”, especially in this context, is basically referring to a refund theft/fraud/scam. Wikipedia has a nice definition on Refund theft“: “Refund theft, also known as refund fraud, refund scam or whitehouse scam, is a crime which involves returning goods ineligible for refund to a retailer in exchange for money or other goods.”

But surely, this innocent genius whiz kid can’t really be a criminal can he? Well, from a short look at his post history, he has frauded: Apple, Google, multiple airlines, etc. He even goes further, by discussing with other fraudsters what is easy to refund and what isn’t: “Lol, TV’s are the hardest to refund as they’re 9/10 times a special delivery and don’t come with something like UPS.”

This is the service Matthijs often uses, “Your #1 Refunder”.

Oh, and I know this will get asked: no they do not return the items back after they get the refund. They claim it got stolen before they received it, so they get free iPhones and what not.

Part 3:

So now that we’ve established that the owner of this website is a total fraudster and CRIMINAL, it’s safe to say that his service isn’t the greatest one out there. But obviously, we have to test this out and make sure everything we state on this website is a fact… so here goes nothing.

About 2 months ago I purchased the “Instagram Verification” service over at his website, for $150. They would help me submit a verification request to Facebook and get me verified, like Matthijs is, on Instagram.

5 days after paying, I send them a email regarding my order, and that I have not been contacted nor received any instructions as to what I need to do to start my verification process. Never did I ever hear from them. I have since filed a chargeback with my bank and received my money back, but please be very careful when purchasing anything from anywhere owned by this shady imbecile called Matthijs Otterloo. I will most likely be forwarding this article to local authorities so they can handle the case.

And to Entrepeneur and other media outlets: shame on you for promoting this asshat. Shame.


P.S.: If any of the information that I have included on here is removed from the Internet, which most likely won’t happen as most of them are archived such as Wikipedia, you can always use to retrieve websites that are not available anymore, or deleted pages.